Sunday 22nd February 2015

When asked one Easter Sunday morning, “What did you do for Lent?” a man replied, “I went for the ashes on Ash Wednesday”. That was it - nothing else, just the distinctive mark on the forehead. It was marginally better than nothing, I suppose, but I think more is asked of us if we are any way serious about our faith. The Gospel assigned for Ash Wednesday (Matt 6:1-6; 16-18) is a telling one with which to begin the season of Lent. It mentions three practices that the early Church always connected with doing penance: almsgiving, prayer and fasting. ...Read More

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Faith on Tap

Feb 25

A new initiative for Lent, as a way of outreach to young adults, will bring the faith to McAleer's Bar in Dungannon!! Thursday 26th February @ 8pm.

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Archbishop Eamon launches new Facebook page for Lent

Feb 25

“During this Lenten season I invite everyone to look into their heart, see the things which might be closing our heart to God’s love and make a special effort to open ourselves up to the grace that God offers during this Lenten season” – Archbishop Eamon

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Ash Wednesday: beginning of Lent

Feb 18

Find out more about the meaning of Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, as well as Mass times in the parish this Ash Wednesday (18th February) and during the season of Lent by clicking 'Read More'.

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Year of Consecrated Life, Feb 2015 - Feb 2016

Jan 31

Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Eamon Martin for the Year of Consecrated Life, beginning on Sunday 1st February, 2015.

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