In a rather appropriate way, the church year is laid out so that it ends in the month of November.  The leaves have fallen, nature is dying and there is no more growth.  Winter has arrived.  In a world of uncertainties the one thing we can be sure of is death.  While we do not know the day or the hour, it is the one appointment we cannot cancel.  To dismiss the thought of death, pushing it to the back of our minds as something to be considered later, is the kind of foolishness Jesus condemns in today’s gospel.  If we live with no thought as to where the journey of life is taking us we are neglecting to make basic preparations for the inevitable.  

An essential part of a faith-filled life is to cultivate a personal relationship with God – and that cannot be done at the last minute.  We do this by developing a calm and believing frame of mind as we go about our normal lives.  As we form habits of prayer and of kindness Jesus guides us in what we should do.  He enters our lives not just in the planned moments of prayer and worship but also in the needs of our neighbour – needs that may in some cases be constant and ongoing and in other cases unforeseen and unexpected.  The readiness and kindness of our responses builds up the stock of goodness each of us is empowered to carry, having been made in the image and likeness of God.  God, who created us, waits to welcome us in the kingdom of heaven and to see what we’ve done with the opportunities he has given us all through our lives.

With every blessing,

Kevin Donaghy PP