The hungry crowd is still with us today, crying out all over the world for the basic necessities of life.  The sheer size of the problem may make us wonder how our own small offering could make any difference.  Like the apostle, Andrew, in the gospel, we say “What is that between so many?”  We can draw inspiration from the generosity of the young boy.  Jesus did not dismiss or disregard his offering of five loaves and two fish, and he won’t dismiss or disregard what we might offer either.  It is by using our little efforts that God chooses to produce great miracles.  Our loaf and fish may be the small amount we set aside every Lent that Trocaire will use to help the poor of the world.  On its own, the contribution may seem insignificant but multiplied around a parish, around a caring community; it can become a small miracle.  We get many opportunities to play the role of the young boy in the gospel and when our acts of generosity are combined with the power and prayer of Jesus, God responds by marvellous deeds.  As part of his prayer, Jesus thanks God – setting example for each of us in thanking God not only for food but for the many blessings and good things that come our way and which we maybe often take for granted.  

Kevin Donaghy PP